4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Technographics

Published on: 2022-04-16

Technographics give insight into how potential customers use a particular technology stack at each customer journey stage. Analysis of the data enables businesses to identify new opportunities, fine-tune their offering, and improve the customer experience.

Read on to learn more about the top five benefits of incorporating technographic data into your marketing strategy.

What Is Technographic Data?

Marketing and technology teams derive the term from “Technology Demographics,” and it refers to the following:

● How clients and the target market use the technology at their disposal

● Which features they use at each stage of the sales process and afterward

● How they integrate its use with the other platforms they use

It is a distinctly different category from demographic data and firmographic data because of the focus on technology usage. By zeroing in on the technology stack, the company can better align its product offering with its client’s expectations.

The Difference Between Technographic and Social Technographic Data

While these terms sound interchangeable, each has a different target audience. Technographic data consists of the use of hardware, networking, and software. Social technographic data refers only to how clients or employees use social media.

The Benefits of Technographic Segmentation

Technology statistics benefit the organization by improving the client experience. The statistics highlight areas where you need more technical expertise and if your sales efforts are effective.

Sales and marketing professionals must consider each client interaction to understand the benefits better. This includes stages such as:

● Identifying prospects in various target markets

● Gathering intent data

● Identifying lead generation opportunities through market segmentation

● Monitoring the progress of new existing customers

● Evaluating the efficiency of sales automation and how it impacts the marketing stack

Improves the Productivity of Marketing and Sales Teams

How much time do your sales professionals waste, thanks to poorly designed marketing automation tools? What percentage of their time do your representatives spend on market research and market analysis instead of generating revenue?

Technographics improve the performance of your sales teams by creating a more complete picture of the client. In addition to the normal statistics, crews will build a more accurate view of the Total Addressable Market.

They can not only identify companies and target accounts that might need their products. Instead, they can zero in on clients who are already conversant in the same type of technology upon which the product platform relies.

Therefore, technographics effectively narrow your sales funnel to include only highly qualified leads. Your sales and marketing campaigns become easier to customize and more effective. Your sales reps can focus more time on acquiring business rather than simply looking for leads.

Highlights New Markets or Opportunities

Technographic segmentation can be crucial in discovering new markets or market trends. Say, for example, that you know your clients are active smartphone users. Developing an app that allows them to see the latest specials while reporting relevant data to you is something to consider.

By contrast, if your clients have limited access to technology or the internet, real-world advertising could be more effective.

The technographic data you collect allows you to tailor your marketing message to the delivery medium, improving engagement. How your clients respond to your message forms the foundation upon which your sales team builds.

The technographic data also shows your team areas on which to build to increase customer success.

As you now “meet” the client in an environment with which they are familiar, their overall experience improves.

Better Account-Based Advertising Campaigns

Technographics can also provide helpful insights into your organization and improve your protocols. By better understanding your client’s technographic data, you can further streamline in-office processes to enhance their experience.

Say, for example, your primary base uses emails rather than application-based communication. Driving interaction via email surveys would probably yield better results than through WhatsApp.

Again, you derive the primary benefit through a greater understanding of your client.

Better Customer Retention

Companies need to chase new leads to survive. However, doing so at the expense of your existing clients is a losing proposition. Repeat customers have experience in dealing with your business. Therefore, it’s easier to persuade them to buy more.

Technographic data helps you maintain a good relationship with your clients through better personalization. Delivering messages to them in ways with which they are comfortable improves communication.

Technographic data also helps you identify changing trends to which your clients might respond. This makes it simpler to approach the correct clients at the right time. The benefits of doing so include improved success in:

● Cross-selling

● Upselling

● Expansion

● Renewal

● Customer success

Wrapping it Up

It’s easy to see that technographic data transforms how you conduct business. What’s less straightforward is how to start collecting and using the information. Ful.io is here to simplify things.

We’ll create custom software to allow you to implement your new technographics program quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Contact Ful.io through our website or call (343) 303-6668 to ramp up your lead production today!

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