Data Enrichment for Your Sales Team in 2022

Published on: 2022-04-16

Thousands of business owners are curious about how data enrichment boosts sales for corporations and startups in hypercompetitive markets. The consumer culture of 2022 demands that even small enterprises hire data management professionals to create highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns before launching a product or service.

Without accurate data on your side, your competitors will overtake you in customization, promotional coverage, and ad exposure.

In this article, our data enrichment professionals at Ful.io will explain the role of enriched data in targeted marketing, customer experience research, and sales. We’ll also outline the data enrichment process and show how you can leverage machine learning and human-verified data to boost your sales figures.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a technical term. It means fusing two or more datasets into a cohesive whole to produce a unified codex of quality data. Sales teams, executives, and market researchers can use this resource to create viable products and sales strategies.

Refining Existing Data for Higher Sales

With data enrichment and data cleansing, you can increase the coverage of your customer data repository and improve the accuracy of your profiles.

Raw data can be wildly out-of-date, and data enrichment tools can contrast them against more current information to help you create a leaner and meaner database.

What Data Enrichment Can Do

Create localized campaigns by leveraging ZIP codes, addresses, and other geographic data. Shave thousands of dollars from your data center bills by eliminating redundant data from your storage banks. Data enrichment is a relatively young technique, but the possibilities are endless with a competent team.

What About Publicly Available External Data?

Relying on internal data and existing information from public resources will produce poor leads for your sales team.

Refine your company data by adding new data points like marital statuses, credit scores, and purchase histories to create quality marks for your cold callers and inbound marketing teams.

High-Quality Business Data Means Better Personalized Products and Services

If you are wondering how data enrichment boosts sales, recent studies from Infosys reveal that 59% of consumers believe customized ads and promotional campaigns have a noticeable effect on their purchasing behavior. Without a data enrichment tool, your marketing and sales teams can only produce generic one-size-fits-all content, which prospective clients will view as forgettable and superfluous.

Enriched CRM Data in Action

Everyone has a story about stumbling upon a job ad, rental listing, or lending program that feels like it came at the right place and the right time. Those finds were products of a marketing firm combining internal system information, first-party data, and third-party data from scrapers to create targeted recommendations. That’s enriched customer relationship management data working for you.

High Data Quality Creates More Engaged Customers

According to the Internet Crime Report from 2017, businesses in America lost more than $600 million in marketing dollars because their customers and automated programs tag most of their emails as spam.

People form relationships with brands, and with accurate lead scoring and customer feedback data, you can:

● Drive more referrals

● Initialize more personalized interactions

● Get more reactions from surveys and product evaluations

● Offer more helpful and targeted solutions

● Make your brand more meaningful and relatable

Enhance Your Data Analytics with Ful.io

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