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Think of our extension as your high-tech ally in business. It operates like a detective, unveiling the tech 'DNA' of companies by identifying their used software. It acts like a diligent directory, sourcing the right emails and phone numbers for efficient outreach. It offers an in-depth view of a company's profile, including size, revenue, and industry, similar to an up-to-date business encyclopedia. Lastly, it provides insights about the employee landscape, giving you an understanding of who's who in the company. All this information, gathered in real-time.

75,000+ Technographic Signals | 300+ Million Domains

Swiss Army Knife For Sales Teams

  • Powered by a real-time engine.
    We deliver current, database-free data that's relevant at the moment you need it.

    Instant access to crucial prospect contact details.

    Gain real-time insights into company profile & revenue.

    Evaluate potential leads with up-to-date employee data.

    Discover prospects' technology stack for targeted outreach.

    Power of Context in 1-Click

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    Everything you need to know

    Frequently asked questions
    How can I access the data provided by

    You can effortlessly access our comprehensive data sets through our easy-to-use Chrome extension or via our API offerings tailored for those who need a more programmable approach.

    What are the costs associated with accessing this data?

    For users seeking immediate insights, our Chrome extension is absolutely free. For those needing a more robust, scalable solution, our API plans kick off at a competitive rate of $0.10 per domain or API call.

    How does gather its data?

    Our data collection is driven by our proprietary web crawlers. Moreover, we're committed to the principles of GDPR and place user privacy at the forefront of our operations. Rest assured, all our data collection methodologies are fully compliant with global standards.

    What type of data can I expect from offers a holistic view of company profiles. You get access to technographics, verified email data, vital business attributes such as company size, revenue brackets, contact numbers, and advanced SEO metrics derived from our specialized algorithms. Furthermore, we provide insights into employee data and more. Imagine combining the capabilities of several Chrome extensions or APIs into one potent, comprehensive extension—and that too, free of charge!

    How does differentiate from BuiltWith?

    Unlike BuiltWith, which sometimes delves into indiscriminate domain tracking, we maintain a laser-focused approach. Our platform is primarily geared towards tracking companies and enhancing those profiles with actionable contact details and an expansive list of 50+ B2B attributes. Our objective? To streamline and simplify your prospecting process by eliminating the noise and providing actionable intelligence.

    Why should I choose over

    While primarily revolves around email data, offers a panoramic view of your potential prospects. We don't just rely on algorithms to predict email addresses. Instead, our approach is meticulous. We scour the vast expanse of the internet, pinning down authentic emails, and providing you with the exact sources of our findings. With, you don't just get an email—you get the whole story.