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Technographic signals are like digital fingerprints of websites, showing the different technologies, tools, and services they use. Imagine a website as a puzzle made up of different pieces, such as hosting, programming languages, and design tools. These puzzle pieces work together to create a website's look, feel, and features. By studying these technographic signals, we can learn about the technologies behind websites and understand how they are built. This information can help businesses make better decisions, find new opportunities, and stay ahead of their competitors in the online world.

75,000+ Technographic Signals | 300+ Million Domains

Daily Updated and Actionable Technographic Data

  • Our Technographic data contains emails, phone numbers, descriptions, IP, country and social links in addition to technographics signals.

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    Data Enrichment

    Our data is available for all your general purpose tools

    Import your website list and our technology stack will do all the heavy lifting, pulling contact information that would take weeks or months to gather with traditional market research methods. Our tools and technologies crawl and scan websites completely autonomously.

    Website lookup capabilities and technology comparable to the best in the industry.

    Generate high quality leads with our technology reports.

    Identify technographic segmentation.

    Security Reconnaissance

    Your security is our top priority.

    Security professionals worldwide use our web technologies. This solution helps you track security threats on your website. The technology also provides you with detailed information on vulnerabilities and exploitation risks.

    Track your own and your competitors‘ technology trends.

    Effectively assess the depth of technology penetration.

    Identify bugs and the impact of patches.


    Email Verification

    Never worry about non-delivery of your emails

    Our email extension technology verifies deliverability and checks the server connection to ensure that your email delivery rate remains high, keeping you off the contact blocklist. Our technologies allow us to do all of this without having to send an email to the contact.

    Get immediate results and a responsive, intuitive UX with our technology.

    Start with 100 free email verifications every month.

    Top up email verification credits on the go.


    Get unlimited access to our APIs

    With APIs, you have access to any technology stack, contact details, relevant social handles, and much more. Much like BuiltWith, our technology lets you analyze many websites at once, track data on technology usage, and even build your own analytics dataset.

    Get results right away and update your datasets in real-time.

    Our technologies let you easily analyze multiple websites at once.

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    We used to manually upload contact details and other data, but it took way too long. We needed a solution that could automate the process and free up resources. just works for us. Their technology is incredible.

    Chris Richards

    Utterly Digital

    review's apps and tools have completely changed the way we look at traffic and identify prospects. Before, our R&D team tried BuiltWith, then worked to develop our own technology. But with, we can save both time and money.

    Robert Kaene

    The Wednesday Club


    We're always looking for new ways to boost our advertising efforts and analyze websites to improve our processes. has been a perfect partner throughout. We've been able to discover more valuable data on prospects than we ever did on our own.

    Mad Singers

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    Any ecommerce platform not using's technologies is seriously missing out. The crawling tool at is the best we've used so far. We love that you can pull it up right in the Chrome browser too. Location, contact info, RSS, the speed we can draw in new clients now... is amazing

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    Everything you need to know

    Frequently asked questions
    How much will this cost?

    We offer free and paid plans. Our paid plans start at $49/month or $499/year.We also offer enterprise plans for others building on our technology.

    What information do we provide?

    Our technology reports come with metadata, including phone numbers, emails, IPs, DNS information, hostname, titles, and much more!

    How do you collect your information?

    Our server cluster crawls thousands of sources daily to find active domains. We then segment active domains using our repository of 3000+ technology footprints. We also deploy our crawlers to enrich this segmented technographic data with additional metadata.

    All our lists are updated daily.

    Can I upload domain lists?

    Yes! All accounts come preloaded with credits to get segmentation and other data for your custom domain lists. We also baked in a "Deep Search" engine to obtain hard-to-find contact information from domains.

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