SalesGPT Prospector Extension

Many sales prospecting tools exist on the internet that perform a single function extremely well. There also exist alternatives that do multiple things, but not well enough to be used in actual, industry-grade workflow.

Introducing the B2B Sales Prospector Extension by! It’s a swiss army knife for sales professionals that performs a lot of tasks with industry-grade efficiency and accuracy. This means you can have a complete sales toolkit right there in your browser with no extra overhead!


Some features the extension brings to the table:

Tech Lookup

Complete insights into the technology profile of your prospects. With live tracking of over 15,000 technologies and their versions, the extension can profile websites in no time and generate an extensive report containing the site’s frameworks, CDNs, widgets, CMSs, etc.

Market research has never been faster or more insightful than this. Using the extension would let you tailor your pitch and solutions around your prospect, ensuring a precise and satisfying customer experience.

Email Finding & Verification

Find emails from a repository of 1.2+ billion mails in a matter of seconds. The AI powered email finder searches for email addresses associated with a domain all over the internet. Make lead generation a breeze using this tool that cares about semantics and context when hunting for emails so you always have accurate data.

The extension uses multiple methods under the hood to verify emails, and reaches a consensus from the outcomes. It reduces hours of laborious effort to a matter of seconds.

SEO & Web Metrics

Web performance metrics of your prospects and competitors alike are always at your fingertips. Run competitive benchmarking with confidence and never enter the digital marketing world clueless ever again with

Vastly improve your keyword research and SEO turn-around-times. Web rank, Facebook mentions, search keywords, and many more parameters help you make smart choices when deciding on performance tracking, optimizations, and link building opportunities.

Company Attributes

Go beyond basic research and know businesses like the back of your hand.’s extension finds a variety of company attributes including its size, geolocation data, and more. makes you unstoppable when marketing to industry verticals by equipping you with all the necessary data for your campaign.

… and so much more!