Technology Lookup Browser Extension

Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of Chrome tabs, trying to figure out which arcane software one of your prospects or competitors is using on their website? Looking at a site’s tech composition is a basic ability to have in your sales toolkit, and spending precious time aimlessly finding that information is heavily counterproductive.

Tech lookup tools often contain an incomplete profile, or worse, outdated and incorrect data! And since this information is foundational to many business decisions, having a misguided start can wreck entire ventures.

Which is where’s Technographics Lookup extension comes into the picture. Never again use substandard methods or amateur tools for your technographic needs; the perfect tool can be added to your browser right away.

Paint a Complete Picture With 15,000+ Technographic Signals!

When exploring a prospect’s website,’s extension leaves no stone unturned. You’ll get a comprehensive look at the entire tech stack being used, including frameworks, widgets, content management software, analytics platform, and more! 15,000 technologies are being tracked in the repository right now, and more are added every day. It’s a one-tool-solves-all solution for tech profiling, that gives you the deepest possible technographic insights in the industry.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Version Tracking

Tech evolves, and so should your knowledge. The extension offers real-time tracking of technologies out of the box so that the most recent data is always a click away. Staying relevant in the market is not just an edge today; it’s the whole sword and keeps it sharp.

No Setup or Local Install required

This single-click solution integrates seamlessly with your browser and has no learning curve associated with it. Just navigate to a website and click on the extension to peek under its hood and inspect its digital backbone.

Key Features that Boost Market Analysis:

1. Instant Competitor Analysis: Save hours of research time by viewing tech usage statistics of your competitors instantly. The tool is optimized to take as less time in your workflow as possible; what the user spends navigating the UI and the time it takes to generate results.

2. Real-time Version Tracking: At, we don’t believe in serving stale, static data to our valued users. Versions of technologies are tracked in real time under the hood so you never have to worry about outdated information ever again.

3.Rich Data: The extension covers global data, making the tool location-agnostic. It doesn’t matter if a website uses a technology that’s not popular in a specific demographic. If someone uses it,’s got that use case covered.

4. No Bloat, Ever: We do the heavy lifting so you could stay lightweight!’s extension always has the most recent data out there while never contributing to any bloat on your device. Install once, use forever.

Boost Your Outbound Campaigns and Transform Your Profiling Approach: Get Started Today!

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your technographic profiling and competitor analysis efforts. Download our Technographic Lookup Extension now and be amazed at the efficiency boost it’ll bring with it.