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    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware has been active in the technology industry since 2002. It is a wiki-based CMS. It is available for free. It is open-source software that relies on PHP. It is known for its rich set of features and support offered for over 40 languages. It serves as user-friendly software for creating different kinds of applications. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is designed to be easily configurable. It is known for being highly modular as well. It gives a great scope of control to the users through the user-friendly, web-based interface. It comes with a wiki engine, banner management system, advanced theming engine and links directory. It offers live support as well.

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    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware history

    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, initially released in 2002, was created as a powerful open-source all-in-one tool to fulfill the requirements of collaboration and communication. With its continuous development by a large global community, Tiki Wiki has evolved into an extensive platform with features ranging from web applications, group projects, knowledge management, and online publishing.


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  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Variations

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.11

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.12

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.19

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.2

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.7

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.8

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 2

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 2.1

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 2.2

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 2.6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 2.9

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 3.15

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 3.4

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 3.5

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 3.6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 4.3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 4.4

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 4.6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 4.9

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.1

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.4

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.5

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.7

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.8

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 5.9

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 6

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 6.3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 7.1

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 7.3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 8

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 8.3

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.6447e+15

    Tiki-Wiki-CMS-Groupware 1.66005e+15

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    ✨ Facts about Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

    1. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is an open-source software: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and groupware solution. It is developed by a community of developers and users, which means that anyone can contribute to its development and use it for their websites or projects without any cost.
    2. All-in-one solution: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware offers a wide range of features for managing online content, collaboration, and communication, making it an all-in-one solution for organizations and businesses. Features include wiki, forums, blogs, articles, file galleries, image galleries, calendars, and more.
    3. Multilingual support: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware provides excellent multilingual support, allowing users to create websites available in multiple languages, adapt the interface according to the users' language preferences, and even facilitate collaboration among teams with different languages.
    4. Highly customizable and extensible: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is highly customizable and extensible, allowing developers to easily add new features or modify existing ones to suit their specific needs using its modular architecture. It also offers a vast library of plugins, templates, and themes to help you build the perfect online platform for your needs.
    5. Active community: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware has an active and growing community of users, developers, and contributors. This community provides valuable support resources, such as documentation, forums, and mailing lists, where users can share their experiences, ask questions, and get assistance with any aspect of the software.

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