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    wpBakery is a popular plugin available for WordPress. It serves as a page builder that comes with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop builder. wpBakery is designed to be beginner-friendly and doesn’t require knowledge of programming. It enables users to create highly responsive websites and provides convenience in content management. wpBakery is designed to be suitable for use with any Wordpress theme. It also comes with many ready-to-use content elements. It also comes with many design options to enable users to set the right appearance. It comes with a template library with a wide range of options. wpBakery is known to provide professional online support through its dedicated support team from Monday to Saturday.

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    wpBakery history

    The history of wpBakery began in 2011 with the launch of Visual Composer, a user-friendly drag and drop page builder for WordPress. Since then, wpBakery has evolved into a popular and versatile tool, empowering millions of users to create fully-functional and customizable websites without coding knowledge.


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  • wpBakery Variations

    wpBakery 0.11

    wpBakery 0.4

    wpBakery 0.6

    wpBakery 0.7

    wpBakery 1

    wpBakery 1.1

    wpBakery 1.2

    wpBakery 1.3

    wpBakery 1.4

    wpBakery 1.6

    wpBakery 1.7

    wpBakery 1.9

    wpBakery 2

    wpBakery 2.1

    wpBakery 2.2

    wpBakery 2.3

    wpBakery 2.4

    wpBakery 2.5

    wpBakery 2.6

    wpBakery 2.7

    wpBakery 2.8

    wpBakery 2.9

    wpBakery 3

    wpBakery 3.1

    wpBakery 3.2

    wpBakery 3.3

    wpBakery 3.4

    wpBakery 3.5

    wpBakery 3.6

    wpBakery 3.7

    wpBakery 4.11

    wpBakery 4.12

    wpBakery 4.3

    wpBakery 4.6

    wpBakery 4.9

    wpBakery 5

    wpBakery 5.3

    wpBakery 5.4

    wpBakery 5.5

    wpBakery 5.6

    wpBakery 5.7

    wpBakery 6

    wpBakery 6.1

    wpBakery 6.2

    wpBakery 6.4

    wpBakery 6.5

    wpBakery 6.6

    wpBakery 6.7

    wpBakery 6.8

    wpBakery 6.9

    wpBakery 20000

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    ✨ Facts about wpBakery

    1. WPBakery is a popular WordPress plugin: WPBakery Page Builder, formerly known as Visual Composer, is a widely-used drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress websites. It allows users to easily create, edit, and manage website layouts without any coding knowledge.
    2. Extensive library of elements and templates: WPBakery offers a vast library of content elements and pre-built templates that can be used for designing web pages. Users can simply add elements like text blocks, buttons, images, videos, and more to build a completely customized layout in no time.
    3. Compatible with many themes and plugins: WPBakery Page Builder is built to work seamlessly with most WordPress themes and plugins, allowing users to create unique and feature-rich websites. This compatibility helps in simplifying the web development process and avoiding potential conflicts with other tools.
    4. User-friendly interface: WPBakery has a highly intuitive user interface, making it easy for beginners and experts alike to create responsive web pages. The drag-and-drop functionality, along with the inclusion of live previews, simplifies the process of building and modifying website layouts.
    5. Regular updates and support: The team behind WPBakery is committed to providing regular updates to the plugin, ensuring compatibility with new WordPress releases and addressing any bugs or issues. Additionally, users can access extensive documentation, tutorials, and support forums to help them with their queries and issues related to the plugin.

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