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  • Gain access to comprehensive industry-related info, including sector classifications, specialties, and related insights.
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  • Stay current with the latest information. The API provides updates in real time so that you have the most recent and relevant industry data for your business needs.
Improved Outreach
  • Tailor your pitch with industry-specific insights, making your outreach more targeted and relevant. The API lets you approach potential clients with a deeper understanding of their business.
2    "domain":"",
3    "IndustryMain": "Internet",
4    "SubIndustries": [
5        "Communities",
6        "Consumer Goods",
7        "Consumer Internet",
8        "Consumers",
9        "Crowdsourcing",
10        "Delivery",
11        "Digital Media",
12        "eCommerce",
13        "Ebooks",
14        "Ecommerce",
15        "Information Technology",
16        "Internet",
17        "Internet Infrastructure",
18        "Media",
19        "Operations",
20        "Retail",
21        "Services",
22        "Shopping",
23        "Software"
24    ],
25    }

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