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    Arc publishing is a well-renowned scientific publishing partner. It is a privately held company which has been active since 2012. Its services are aimed towards those who wish to develop and enhance their careers and businesses. Its objective is to make the publication impactful. Arc Publishing provides publications in many different forms such as books, journals and scientific events. Arc publishing is a recognized brand of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Academy (PMA). It provides publications for medical writings along with translation and statistical consultancy. Its services also include publishing the proceedings from congresses, conferences, workshops and symposia. It also provides event planning along with publication.

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    Arc Publishing history

    Arc Publishing traces its origins to 2013 when The Washington Post began developing an in-house software system to manage the newspaper's digital content. In 2016, the system evolved into a SaaS platform called Arc Publishing, which now serves a diverse clientele including media, entertainment, and multi-brand organizations.

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    ✨ Facts about Arc Publishing

    1. Arc Publishing is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform: Arc Publishing is a digital experience platform (DXP) that helps media companies, brands, and broadcasters streamline their content management and distribution. As a SaaS platform, it allows clients to access, manage and deploy their content and digital experiences on the web, mobile, and other channels.
    2. Developed by The Washington Post: Arc Publishing was initially developed by The Washington Post to support its own online content management needs. The platform was so successful that The Washington Post decided to license it to other publishers, media companies, and broadcasters, thus turning it into an independent product.
    3. Advanced CMS capabilities: Arc Publishing boasts a feature-rich content management system (CMS) that allows for easy content creation, editing, and collaboration with built-in tools like a digital asset manager, templates, and customizable workflows. The CMS also enables multiplatform publishing, analytics integration, and powerful search functionality.
    4. Scalable and customizable: Arc Publishing is designed to easily scale both horizontally and vertically, ensuring performance and stability even when handling large traffic volumes. Moreover, it is highly customizable, allowing businesses to develop their unique front-end experiences that seamlessly integrate with the back-end platform.
    5. Wide range of clients: Arc Publishing counts numerous high-profile clients across various industries, including the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, and Le Parisien. Additionally, non-traditional publishers, such as universities, non-profit organizations, and other enterprises, have also taken advantage of Arc Publishing's robust solution for managing and distributing their digital content.

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