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    DM Polopoly is a service built by Atex. It helps users manage the content on their websites effectively and places a strong emphasis on the improvement of user experience. It comes with a standard Web Content Management (WCM) structure. It offers scope for customization along with full support for partner add-ons. It comes with a total of 532 features. DM Polopoly has become a popular option mainly for its rich set of features that simplify the process of research. It helps identify the pros and cons of features and removes software frontrunners with ease. It also helps users discover new software features and capabilities

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    DM Polopoly history

    DM Polopoly, an enterprise content management system, was developed in 1994 by a team of Swedish engineers. It gained popularity for its dynamic scalability and built-in personalization capabilities, becoming widely employed by media organizations and institutions globally.


    Websites using DM Polopoly





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    ✨ Facts about DM Polopoly

    1. DM Polopoly is a web content management system (CMS) designed for media companies, organizations, and institutions that require a high level of versatility and scalability in their online presence.
    2. It is developed by the Swedish software company Atex, a leader in the field of content management, digital asset management, and advertising systems for the media industry.
    3. The platform is built on a flexible and extensible Java-based architecture, allowing it to be customized and adapted to specific needs and digital workflows of different organizations.
    4. DM Polopoly provides a variety of efficient tools and features, including multi-channel publishing, omnichannel content distribution, responsive design, advanced searching and indexing, social media integration, content versioning, and editorial calendars.
    5. Many leading media organizations and publishers, such as The Economist, The Financial Times, and The Toronto Star, utilize DM Polopoly to manage, publish, and distribute their digital content across various platforms and devices.

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