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    Hotaru CMS is a content management system. It is open source and is available for free. It uses PHP and MySQL databases. It offers its users many themes and plugins to choose from. It can be used to create websites for different requirements. It is mainly used for the purpose of social bookmarking and running social media sites efficiently. It is available as a demo version as well. Hotaru CMS offers free support in its forum, where users are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions for new features and provide support or assistance to other users. It has a robust community of users.

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    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    Hotaru CMS history

    Hotaru CMS, a versatile content management system, was launched in 2009 by Nick Ramsay. Its open-source framework expanded over time, allowing users to create websites with various features, such as blogs, image galleries, and forums.


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    Reach out to Hotaru CMS customers

    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    ✨ Facts about Hotaru CMS

    1. Hotaru CMS is an open-source content management system: Hotaru CMS allows users to create, manage, and customize their websites using a variety of plugins, themes, and widgets. It is built on the PHP platform and uses the MySQL database system, making it a flexible and accessible option for both developers and non-developers alike.
    2. It has a strong focus on social bookmarking and interaction: Hotaru CMS was initially designed as a social bookmarking platform, allowing users to submit, vote, and comment on content posted by others. This social aspect remains a key feature of the platform, and there are various plugins and modules available to enhance user engagement and interaction on a Hotaru CMS-powered website.
    3. Modular and plugin-based architecture: Hotaru CMS uses a modular, plugin-based architecture that allows users to easily extend its functionality according to their needs. Several plugins are available for free or for purchase, and developers can also create their own plugins using the available documentation and API.
    4. Active community and support: Hotaru CMS has a dedicated community of users and developers who provide support, contribute to the platform, and share their knowledge through forums and online resources. This active community helps to ensure that Hotaru CMS remains up-to-date and relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape.
    5. Responsive design and mobile support: Websites built on Hotaru CMS are designed to be responsive and adaptable according to the device being used. This means that Hotaru CMS websites will work seamlessly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience for all visitors.

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    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

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