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    Lede is a firm operating in the field of public relations and communications. It was founded in 2018. It has offices in New York and Los Angeles. It works with many clients in different parts of the world. It offers consultancy services and resources to help its customers meet their requirements. Lede has six divisions, namely, talent, music, strategic corporate communications, brand, content and social impact. It offers its expertise and helps organizations with the management of public affairs, the development of an optimal brand strategy along with optimization of the community. It is also well known for its emphasis on social impact and sustainability.

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    Lede history

    The term "Lede" traces back to the realm of journalism, where journalists use it to describe the opening or introductory paragraph of a news story. Its history lies in effectively capturing readers' attention to provide a concise summary of the story while encouraging them to read further.

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    ✨ Facts about Lede

    1. Lede is a crucial element in journalism: The lede is the opening paragraph of a news story that provides the most important information to the reader. It is intended to catch the reader's attention and encourage them to continue reading the article.
    2. Lede spelling origin: The term "lede" is derived from the Old English spelling "lede" which means "to lead." The term’s unusual spelling has been attributed to the era of Linotype machines when "lede" was used to differentiate from the word "lead," which was the metal used to make Linotype slugs.
    3. Lede answers the 5 Ws: A well-crafted lede should answer the five Ws – who, what, when, where, and why – of the story. These basic questions provide the reader with the most relevant information and establish a clear understanding of the story's context.
    4. Different styles of ledes: There are several types of ledes that journalists use, depending on the style and content of their story. Some common ledes include the summary lede, anecdotal lede, question lede, and descriptive lede.
    5. The inverted pyramid structure: In journalism, the inverted pyramid is a method of organizing a news story in which the most important information—the lede—comes first, followed by less essential details. This structure allows readers to quickly understand the key points of a story and ensures that if the article is cut for space, the most relevant information is preserved.

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