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    phpDocumentor is a user-friendly application that comes with the capability of performing analysis of the PHP source code and DocBlock comments efficiently. Its objective is to support users in the generation of high-quality API documentation. Its latest version is the phpDocumentor v3 and it is PHP 7.0+ compatible. It offers detailed online documentation for its use. phpDocumentor is preferred for its low memory usage and the ability for incremental parsing. It provides convenience in the process of building templates. It also provides general support. It is recognized for its simple two-step process in the generation of cache with application structure. It is available for installation through phive, PHAR, Docker and Composer.

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    phpDocumentor history

    PHPDocumentor, also known as phpdoc, was initially released in 2001 by Joshua Eichorn as a tool for generating API documentation from PHP source code. Over the years, it has evolved and gained several versions, with the latest release, phpDocumentor 3, introducing numerous improvements and compatibility with updated PHP versions.

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    ✨ Facts about phpDocumentor

    1. phpDocumentor is an open-source documentation generation tool: It is specifically designed for PHP developers to create detailed and structured documentation for their PHP code. It automatically generates API documentation by reading the source code and interpreting the inline comments written in the PHPDoc format.
    2. Uses PHPDoc format for inline documentation: PHPDoc is a widely-accepted documentation standard in the PHP community, similar to JavaDoc for Java or JSDoc for JavaScript. phpDocumentor utilizes this format to create human-readable documentation while ensuring that the code remains clean and understandable.
    3. Generates various output formats: phpDocumentor can generate documentation in multiple output formats, including HTML, PDF, and XML. This makes it easy to share and distribute the documentation to developers or end-users who may have different preferences in terms of file formats and presentation styles.
    4. Supports custom templates: phpDocumentor allows developers to create custom templates for the generated documentation, offering greater flexibility and control over the appearance and organization of the documentation. This enables developers to follow the company's branding guidelines or create a unique style for their project.
    5. Integration with build tools and automation processes: phpDocumentor can be easily integrated into build processes, continuous integration (CI) systems, and other automation pipelines. Developers can set up hooks for their preferred build systems, like Composer or Phing, to automatically generate and update the documentation whenever the codebase changes, ensuring that the documentation always remains up-to-date and accurate.

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