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    Open eShop comes with several helpful features such as multiple payment gateways such as Paypal, Paymill, Stripe and Bitpay. It is recognized for its integrated support system and convenient interface. It is also designed to be highly responsive on mobile devices. It supports its users in the area of SEO as well. Open eShop provides an easy-to-use dashboard for the proper management of their digital goods store.

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    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    Open eShop history

    The Open eShop was launched in 2013 as a platform for entrepreneurs to create digital marketplaces for selling intangible goods. However, it was discontinued in 2018, with limited support lasting until 2019, as focus shifted to developing other internet-related projects.


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    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    ✨ Facts about Open eShop

    1. Open eShop is an open-source software: Open eShop is a free and open-source e-commerce platform that allows users to create and manage their online stores easily. The source code is openly available for users to download, customize, and extend according to their specific needs.
    2. Built on PHP and MySQL: Open eShop is built using PHP and MySQL, which are popular and widely-used technologies for web development. This makes it easy for developers to work with and find resources for customizing their online stores.
    3. Offers multiple payment gateways: Open eShop supports multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net, allowing store owners to accommodate diverse payment preferences of their customers.
    4. Supports digital products: One of the key features of Open eShop is its support for digital products such as e-books, music, videos, software, and more. It provides an efficient way for merchants to sell digital downloads directly to their customers with automated delivery.
    5. Multilingual functionality: Open eShop comes with multilingual support, enabling merchants to create online stores in multiple languages for their international customers. This feature helps businesses to target a wider audience and expand their e-commerce ventures across borders.

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    Reach out to Open eShop customers

    Create a list of 4 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

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