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    Selz is a company known for its presence in the field of eCommerce. It is recognized as an industry leader for its sophisticated and user-friendly platform that is suitable for use by a wide range of businesses. It provides a rich set of services to help businesses optimize their sales performance efficiently. Selz provides a space for the creation of stores. It also offers scope for sales through popular social media platforms. It provides efficiency in the processing of payments and automation of shipping as well. It also performs automation of receipts and invoices. It provides ease in the management of inventory as well. It is available in different pricing plans, namely, basic, standard, advanced and do-it-for-me.

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    Selz history

    The history of Selz dates back to 2013 when it was founded as a user-friendly platform to build and grow online businesses. Over the years, Selz has evolved significantly, catering to thousands of entrepreneurs by offering powerful tools for selling products online and cultivating strong brands.

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    Create a list of domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    ✨ Facts about Selz

    1. Selz is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create online stores, sell products and services, and manage their business operations from one centralized platform.
    2. Selz was founded in 2013 by Chris Sommerfeld and Martin Rushe in Sydney, Australia, with the aim of simplifying online selling for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
    3. Selz offers a range of features and tools to enhance the online selling process, including customizable storefronts, secure shopping carts, inventory management, digital product delivery, and multiple payment gateway integrations.
    4. In addition to its e-commerce solutions, Selz also offers marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) features, such as email marketing, social media integration, and sales tracking to help businesses grow their online presence and customer base.
    5. In February 2021, Selz was acquired by Amazon, making it part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of products and services, which aims to enhance and expand its e-commerce offerings for small and medium-sized businesses.

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    Create a list of domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

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