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    Tictail is a company active in the technology industry. It was established in 2012. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Stockholm County. Its founders are Birk, Carl, Kaj and Siayash. It serves as an online marketplace for many brands and businesses worldwide. It is known for its experience and expertise in areas of fashion, art and home décor. It is a part of Shopify as well. It operates as an entrepreneur-friendly platform for eCommerce. It provides scope for customization and design. It is available as a 14-day free trial for interested users to test the features. It is known as a popular one-stop destination for customers interested in shopping for the latest fashion, art and home décor.

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    Tictail history

    Tictail, a Sweden-based social shopping platform, was founded in 2012 by Carl Waldekranz, Birk Nilson, Siavash Ghorbani, and Kaj Drobin. In 2018, it was acquired by Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, expanding Shopify's portfolio and global presence.

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    ✨ Facts about Tictail

    1. Tictail is a social e-commerce platform founded in 2012 by four Swedish entrepreneurs: Carl Waldekranz, Birk Nilson, Kaj Drobin, and Siavash Ghorbani. The platform provides a simple and user-friendly online store builder for small businesses and independent brands.
    2. Tictail's primary goal is to empower small business owners and enable them to compete with larger companies by providing a platform where they can easily create, customize, and manage their online shop without the need for coding or design expertise.
    3. In 2018, Tictail was acquired by the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, which is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms. Following the acquisition, Tictail's features were integrated into the Shopify platform, and the Tictail brand was phased out.
    4. Before its acquisition, Tictail had a global community of more than 125,000 independent brands and millions of shoppers from over 150 countries. It allowed sellers to sell their products in various categories, including fashion, home decor, art, jewelry, and more.
    5. Tictail's platform included innovative social features that allowed sellers to connect and engage with their customers through social media channels. These features made it easy for store owners to market their products and expand their reach while simplifying the shopping experience for customers.

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