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    Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service is available as a library that allows developers to use Oracle Fusion Middleware components in an optimal manner. Oracle DMS provides functionality for Java EE servers with certification. It comes with several features and commands. Oracle DMS also provides high-quality metrics that come with information on the APIs along with a useful aggregation language. It provides an Execution Context which is made available in all the Oracle Stacks. It also comes with event tracing configuration and supports DMS activity. The metrics is available to be viewed in Spy Servlet, WebLogic Diagnostic Framework, Oracle WebLogic Server and JConsole.

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    Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service history

    Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) was introduced in Oracle Application Server 10g as a means to collect and display performance metrics in real-time. DMS has since evolved into a primary diagnostic tool for monitoring Oracle's applications and databases, proving indispensable for optimizing performance and overall efficiency.


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    ✨ Facts about Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service

    1. Real-time performance monitoring tool: Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) is a built-in, highly efficient performance monitoring tool for Oracle Fusion Middleware components, such as Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle SOA Suite. It enables real-time monitoring of system performance, providing valuable insights into the state of the system and helping to identify potential performance bottlenecks or issues.
    2. Lightweight and low overhead: DMS is designed to be lightweight, with minimal overhead on system resources. It has a low impact on the performance of the components it monitors, making it ideal for use in production environments where resource utilization is critical.
    3. Customizable metrics collection: DMS allows administrators to define custom metrics to be collected based on their specific monitoring requirements. This includes selecting specific components to monitor, setting thresholds for alerting, and defining the frequency of data collection. This flexibility allows administrators to focus on the most critical aspects of their application's performance.
    4. Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager: Oracle DMS integrates seamlessly with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), providing a unified view of performance data across the entire Oracle infrastructure. Administrators can use the OEM console to view DMS metrics in conjunction with other system data, allowing for comprehensive performance analysis and easier troubleshooting.
    5. Secure and role-based access: Access to the DMS interface is controlled through a secure, role-based access control system. Administrators can assign users to specific roles, granting them the necessary permissions to view or modify DMS settings. This ensures that only authorized users can access and interact with DMS, protecting the security and integrity of the monitored data.

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