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    Picreel is a company working in the software development industry. It has been active since 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. It provides a top-rated pop-up software that helps businesses optimize their rate of leads, conversions and sales efficiently. It relies on Artificial Intelligence to help businesses achieve their objectives and ensure customer retention. Picreel is known for its use of exit-intent technology to understand user behaviour in real time and provide actionable insights to its users. It provides scope for A/B testing and personalization as well. It supports over 700 integrations. It offers the use of premade templates and also provides the space for custom design of templates as per user requirements.

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    Create a list of 6 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    Picreel history

    Picreel was founded in 2013 as a conversion rate optimization software platform. Since its inception, the company has grown exponentially, supporting businesses worldwide in transforming website engagement into customer loyalty and revenue.


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    Create a list of 6 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

    ✨ Facts about Picreel

    1. Picreel is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) software: Picreel specializes in helping businesses increase their online conversion rates by tracking user behavior and offering targeted, personalized messages and promotions to website visitors.
    2. Advanced website exit-intent technology: Picreel uses advanced exit-intent technology to track when a user is about to leave a website. At this crucial moment, the software can trigger a targeted offer or message designed to keep the visitor engaged and encourage a conversion.
    3. Customizable templates and designs: Picreel offers a variety of pre-designed templates that can be easily customized to match a company's brand and website design. Businesses can also create their own designs and personalize the appearance of pop-ups for maximum impact.
    4. Integrations with popular marketing platforms: Picreel can seamlessly integrate with popular email marketing, CRM, and CMS platforms, such as MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and WordPress. This allows businesses to easily manage leads and target their marketing efforts more effectively.
    5. Real-time analytics and performance tracking: Picreel provides real-time analytics, enabling businesses to monitor their campaigns' performance and conversion rates. This helps marketers identify which campaigns are most effective and make data-driven decisions to boost their overall conversion rate.

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    Create a list of 6 domains,59,394,928 emails and 109,340,068 phones.

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