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    Cookie Notice is a reliable safeguard for website owners. It protects them against the possibility or harm of third-party tracking. Its objective is to create a space of transparency and trust. It is essentially a banner that is available in different shapes and forms. It provides the scope for users to give consent as well. It adheres to the EDPB guidelines for the validity of consent. The consent banners do not come with pre-ticked checkboxes. They are created to be easily understandable and unambiguous. It also gives users the option to turn off trackers and cookies as per their requirements.

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    Cookie Notice history

    The concept of a "cookie notice" emerged in 2011 after the European Union passed the Cookie Law, requiring websites to obtain user consent before employing cookies. Since then, these notices have become ubiquitous, informing users about websites' data collection practices and allowing them the choice to accept or reject cookies.


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  • Cookie Notice Variations

  • Cookie-Notice 1

  • Cookie-Notice 1.02

  • Cookie-Notice 1.06

  • Cookie-Notice 1.1

  • Cookie-Notice 1.2

  • Cookie-Notice 1.3

  • Cookie-Notice 1.4

  • Cookie-Notice 1.81

  • Cookie-Notice 2

  • Cookie-Notice 2.1

  • Cookie-Notice 2.2

  • Cookie-Notice 2.3

  • Cookie-Notice 2.4

  • Cookie-Notice 3.3

  • Cookie-Notice 3.4

  • Cookie-Notice 3.5

  • Cookie-Notice 3.6

  • Cookie-Notice 3.7

  • Cookie-Notice 3.8

  • Cookie-Notice 3.9

  • Cookie-Notice 4

  • Cookie-Notice 4.1

  • Cookie-Notice 4.2

  • Cookie-Notice 4.3

  • Cookie-Notice 4.4

  • Cookie-Notice 4.5

  • Cookie-Notice 4.6

  • Cookie-Notice 4.7

  • Cookie-Notice 4.8

  • Cookie-Notice 4.9

  • Cookie-Notice 5.1

  • Cookie-Notice 5.2

  • Cookie-Notice 5.3

  • Cookie-Notice 5.4

  • Cookie-Notice 5.5

  • Cookie-Notice 5.6

  • Cookie-Notice 5.7

  • Cookie-Notice 5.8

  • Cookie-Notice 5.9

  • Cookie-Notice 9.99

  • Cookie-Notice 10.2

  • Cookie-Notice 17.03

  • Cookie-Notice 99.2

  • Cookie-Notice 99.3

  • Cookie-Notice 100.3

  • Cookie-Notice 1.64392e+09

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    ✨ Facts about Cookie Notice

    1. Purpose: A Cookie Notice is a message displayed on a website to inform users about the website's use of cookies to collect data. It is often presented in the form of a banner, pop-up, or other notification.
    2. Legal Requirement: Due to several data privacy laws such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), websites are required to inform their users about their data collection practices and obtain consent before setting cookies on a user's browser.
    3. Customization: Website owners can customize their cookie notice by choosing the layout, design, and content that best fits their website. Most platforms that help create these notices provide a range of templates and options for styling, size, placement, and text.
    4. Obtaining Consent: A Cookie Notice should provide users with options to accept or reject the use of cookies or customize their preferences for different types of cookies (e.g., strictly necessary, statistical, marketing, and preference-based). Users should also have the flexibility to change their cookie preferences at any time.
    5. Accessible and Transparent: To promote user trust and compliance with data privacy laws, a Cookie Notice should be easily accessible and written in a clear, transparent language that explains the purpose and implications of using cookies on the website. This information should also be available in the website's privacy policy or dedicated cookie policy section.

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    ✨ Top alternatives of Cookie Notice from web


    Privacy Information Bar


    Consent Banner


    Cookie Alert


    Tracking Permission Pop-up


    Data Collection Notice

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