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How to Check if a Website is Available?

By Banjo • 2022-12-23

As your business grows in size and becomes more successful, one of the many things that you will need to keep a close eye on is website availability. In case a website ceases to be available to visitors, you will need to have a proper plan of action to resolve the issue and get your website back up again in no time. 

In order to accomplish this, you can utilize some useful website monitoring tools which are available on the Internet. You will find free, open-source tools and paid tools that offer a rich set of features along with high-quality support and assistance.

Tools to Check if a Website is Available

Better Uptime

Better Uptime will help you check if website is available and resolve the incidents of website unavailability quickly. It comes with an on-call alerting feature and an easy-to-use incident dashboard.

It will give you the detailed information in the form of screenshots and responses. Apart from website uptime monitoring, it also offers scope for SSL monitoring, domain monitoring, and server uptime monitoring.

It is also available for CI/CD integration. It is available both as a free and paid plan. Better Uptime is considered a favorite by software engineers in many top companies. It also supports users in the collaboration process and comes with an on-call schedule calendar.


Linko is a well-known tool for website uptime monitoring. It can help you monitor websites based on different continents. It performs a daily website crawl to check for broken links or any issues that will affect the SSL health. It is also popular for its ability to detect errors that will affect the SEO performance of the business website.

Linko provides active customer support through email and phone. It is available as a free trial for the first 14 days of its use and doesn’t require the user to enter credit card details. Linko has a convenient ‘pay-as-you-go’ plan which is regarded as cost-effective for businesses. 


Site24x7 is a reputed Software-as-a-Service solution. If you are unsure how to check if a website is available, you can use this easy-to-use solution to get started. It provides a comprehensive set of features and helps businesses maintain trustworthiness in the eyes of their visitors. It quickly detects any sudden, unauthorized changes made to the website.

It also alerts users on the expiration of their SSL/TLS certificate. Site24x7 offers root cause analysis (RCA), maintenance schedules, and custom dashboards. It mainly uses artificial intelligence to provide an efficient service. It supports third-party integrations as well.

Site24x7 comes with a real-time blocklist check for additional security. It also helps users prevent domain expiry interruption in the business. Site24x7 offers synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring and comes with REST and SOAP APIs as well. It also provides a feature for monitoring WebSocket endpoints to make sure that the website apps are functioning well.


Sematext Cloud offers a reliable Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution. It offers premium plans for access to its rich set of features. It provides ease of setting up synthetic monitoring and gives detailed stats to users on different aspects of the website. By using Sematext’s detailed analytics, you can have the edge over your competitors.

Sematext also helps maintain the security and integrity of the website through the monitoring of the website’s security certificate chain. It enables businesses to provide alerts to their customers and ensure trustworthiness in their eyes.

To Sum Up

Before deciding on which website monitoring tool to use for the long run, it’s a good idea to use the trial versions of the different tools and have a look at which one suits your business requirements the best.

Regardless of the website monitoring tool you choose, you must ensure that it provides scope for determining website availability, frequent checks, and also has enough geographic monitoring locations.

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