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    Apache provides a web server software provided by Apache Software Foundation. It is open-source software that can be downloaded for free. Its range of features includes Unix threading, a new build system, multiprotocol support, and support for non-unix platforms along with IPv6 support. It also comes with Apache filtering, Multilanguage error responses, native windows NT Unicode support along with a simple configuration. Apache server is recognized for its flexibility. It also has an active community and gets frequent updates. It provides extensive documentation to its users as well. Apache server is used by well-known companies such as IBM, eBay, Adobe, LinkedIn, Facebook and GTMetrix.

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    Apache history

    The Apache HTTP Server, developed in 1995 by a group of volunteers called the Apache Group, revolutionized the World Wide Web by becoming the first widespread, open-source web server software. Today, as part of the Apache Software Foundation, Apache remains a key player, powering a large portion of global web traffic and continuously evolving to cater to emerging internet technologies.


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  • Apache Variations

  • Apache 0.4

  • Apache 1

  • Apache 1.1

  • Apache 1.2

  • Apache 1.3

  • Apache 1.4

  • Apache 1.6

  • Apache 1.7

  • Apache 1.9

  • Apache 2

  • Apache 2.1

  • Apache 2.18

  • Apache 2.2

  • Apache 2.23

  • Apache 2.3

  • Apache 2.4

  • Apache 2.42

  • Apache 2.5

  • Apache 3

  • Apache 3.1

  • Apache 3.4

  • Apache 3.5

  • Apache 5.2

  • Apache 5.5

  • Apache 6.6

  • Apache 9.8

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    ✨ Facts about Apache

    1. Apache is an open-source web server software: Apache HTTP Server, commonly known as Apache, is a widely used open-source web server software that is freely available for download and use. Created by the Apache Software Foundation, it has been continuously developed and updated since its initial release in 1995.
    2. Most popular web server software: According to Netcraft's Web Server Survey, Apache has consistently been the most popular web server software since 1996. As of September 2021, it serves approximately 30% of all active websites on the internet, making it the leader in market share among web server software.
    3. Cross-platform compatibility: Apache web server is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, particularly Unix and Linux platforms, as well as Windows and macOS. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it a popular choice for website developers and hosting providers, regardless of the underlying operating system.
    4. Highly customizable with modules: One of the essential features of the Apache web server is its modular architecture. This allows users and developers to extend its functionalities by adding or removing pre-built modules, making it highly customizable to meet specific website and application requirements. Some common modules include those that improve security, enable caching or add support for programming languages such as PHP or Python.
    5. Strong online community and support: As an open-source software, Apache benefits from a vast online community of developers, users, and experts who contribute to its continuous improvement and offer support through forums, mailing lists, and other online resources. This ensures that knowledge, assistance, and solutions for common issues are readily available to users, making the server software user-friendly and reliable.

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    IBM HTTP Server

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