Have you ever found yourself scrambling to remember an important client meeting or the deadline for a sales proposal? Or wished that a magical genie could keep track of your ever-growing to-do list, so you never missed a goal again?

If you don't win the clock, you will fail to hit the goal!

If you're a sales professional, the answer is likely a resounding yes!

Reminder extensions allow you do to handle your tasks with utmost flexibility, offering an inventory of tools so you can choose the functionality you need the most. Most extensions are a one click download and you don't need to install any software on your computer in order to use them, apart from your web browser.

Read on to discover how these Chrome browser extensions can transform your sales game and help you never miss a goal again.

Browser Reminder Extensions for Sales Professionals: Benefits and Features

The introductory passage itself stands as a testament to how essential reminder extensions can be in the life of an SDR or any sales professional, but it's worth looking into the benefits of having one in some detail.

Task Management: 

Reminder extensions can help sales professionals manage their daily tasks effectively, reducing the risk of forgetting important tasks and enhancing productivity. You can add and delete tasks easily, and keeping this task list in the browser makes it easily accessible, saving a lot of organization time.

Stress Reduction: 

Reminder extensions can reduce the stress associated with managing a busy sales schedule by ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. It's useful to have a well fleshed out plan in place, especially in dynamic jobs like sales which require the management of a lot of action items.


Some reminder extensions offer features that facilitate teamwork, helping sales teams coordinate their efforts and work more efficiently. An example of such functionality is sharing or syncing spaces where multiple people can work on shared lists together, create reminders for teams and edit them, setup notifications for community events, etc.

Meeting Reminders: 

These extensions ensure that sales professionals never miss a client meeting or sales call, helping to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects. Some apps offer an integrated, dedicated button to open the meeting in a new tab immediately, saving a lot of time as well.


Reminder extensions can help sales professionals prioritize their tasks based on urgency and importance, enabling them to focus on high-impact activities. A lot of professionals color code their tasks so the currently relevant tasks are immediately accessible.

Goal Tracking: 

Sales professionals can set and track their sales targets, ensuring they're always focused on their goals. The information can be shown in a number of representations, each type suited for a particular workflow. Hence, current statistics are always at their fingertips in nice and helpful interfaces.


Regular reminders can help maintain a consistent sales process, which is key to long-term success in sales. As for the short-term, consistency can be achieved by using time reminders that repeat in minutes specified by the user, for instance, every 15 minutes or every hour.

Follow-Up Reminders: 

Sales professionals can set reminders for following up with prospects or clients, a crucial part of the sales process that is often overlooked. Whether a follow-up is a call to action, or just an acknowledgement, it personalizes the experience and also makes prospects more likely to engage with your business.

Time Management: 

By scheduling task reminders, sales professionals can better manage their time and avoid getting caught up in less productive activities. Time reminders easily integrate into most workflows, regardless of what the work is, making them a quick and easy time management solution.

Client Relationship Management: 

Client relationship management is one of those extra features that not all extensions have, but there are dedicated ones for this task. Selecting and using the extension that fits the use case the best is the most pragmatic thing to do. These extensions can enhance customer relationships by reminding sales professionals of customer-related tasks, such as sending birthday wishes or celebrating customer anniversaries.

Top 5 Reminder Chrome Extensions: Best on the List

Here's the list of our top 5 Reminder Chrome extension picks for sales professionals. Ideally, you would like to choose the one that solves your needs the best.

1. Todoist: Your Personal Task Manager

A personal assistant living right inside your web browser, keeping track of all your tasks, and subtly reminding you about your upcoming appointments and to-dos might sound like a sci-fi movie. But that is precisely what Todoist offers!

 This powerful Chrome extension provides a clean, intuitive interface where you can list all your tasks, categorize them, set due dates, and even prioritize them. But it doesn't stop there. Todoist takes task management to the next level with features like project tracking, collaboration tools, and recurring due dates. As a sales professional, when you are juggling multiple tasks, from prospecting and pitching to follow-ups and closing deals, Todoist extension can help you keep track of all these tasks in one place. 

Need to follow up with a hot lead next Tuesday? Add it to Todoist. 

Got a sales meeting on Friday? Todoist will remind you.

One standout feature for sales professionals is Todoist's project tracking. You can set up each deal as a 'project' and then add tasks related to that deal - meetings, calls, proposals, etc. Then, as you complete each task, you can tick them off, giving you a clear view of your progress.

2. Google Keep: Your Digital Post-It Notes

Google Keep offers you an endless supply of digital sticky notes. You can note any idea, task, or reminder and have them accessible anywhere, anytime. It is a user-friendly note-taking service that allows you to save your thoughts through notes, lists, images, and even voice recordings. These notes can be color coded, labeled, and archived for easy organization. What's more, you can also set time or location-based reminders, so you'll never forget that important task again.

But how does it apply to sales? Sales professionals are constantly bombarded with information, ideas, and tasks. Google Keep can serve as your external brain to store all these nuggets of information.

Met a potential lead at a networking event? Jot down their details in Google Keep. 

Had a light bulb moment about a sales pitch while on your lunch break? Add it to Google Keep!

What sets Google Keep extension apart for sales professionals is its collaborative feature. You can share your notes with your colleagues, making it easier to collaborate on deals or accounts. You can also dictate notes on the go, making it perfect for busy sales professionals who are always on the move.

Google Keep helps you declutter your mind, keep your sales tasks organized, and ensure that no important information gets lost in the hustle and bustle of your day.

3. Remindoro: Your Personalized Reminder System

Remindoro is a versatile Chrome extension that lets you quickly and easily set reminders for specific web pages. Whenever you encounter something important, you can simply click the Remindoro icon, jot down your notes, and add reminders. For example, imagine you're browsing a client's website, and you come across information that you need to remember for a meeting next week. You could write it down or set a reminder in your calendar, but wouldn't it be easier to set a reminder right there and then? With Remindoro extension, you can do just that!

Remindoro can be a vital tool to ensure that crucial pieces of information do not become the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Remindoro stands unique for its contextual reminders. Linking reminders to specific pages ensures that you have the relevant information at your fingertips when the reminder pops up.

4. StayFocusd: Your Weapon Against Distraction

Ever caught yourself deep into cat videos when you were supposed to be fishing a lead? It is understandable! We are living in times of endless internet distractions, and it's easy to get off track. That is why StayFocusd is on our list!

StayFocusd chrome extension is designed to enhance productivity by limiting the time spent on websites that waste time. You can customize it to block or limit time on distracting sites, ensuring that your work time is indeed spent working. For an SDR, every minute counts. StayFocusd ensures that your precious time is spent on meaningful activities that move you closer to your sales goals. 

Have a penchant for losing yourself in news articles? Limit your time on news sites during your peak productivity hours. 

Find yourself scrolling through Facebook when you should be following up with leads. Block it off during your work hours.

The best part? StayFocusd is highly customizable. You can set it to block entire sites, specific subdomains, or even specific content (like videos, games, and images) on sites. This means you can tailor it to your unique distractions and work style. Stay focused, and turn your browser from a source of distraction into a powerhouse of productivity. Remember, it isn't just about blocking distractions. It's about building discipline and focus, vital traits for any successful sales professional. 

Instead of a gentle reminder, it gives you a nudge (or a kick!) to get back to work when you've spent too much time procrastinating.

5. Pi Reminder: Your Personal Scheduler

Pi Reminder is an intelligent reminder system designed to help you keep track of your to-dos, appointments, birthdays, and more. With its user-friendly interface, setting and managing reminders is as easy as pie.

One standout feature of Pi Reminder is its ability to set recurring reminders. This is a godsend for sales professionals who have regular tasks like weekly reports or monthly check-ins with clients. With a few clicks, you can set it and forget it; Pi Reminder will prompt you when the time comes.

Moreover, Pi Reminders aren't just bland alerts. You can add notes, use categories, and even set priority levels. This means you get the full context of the reminder, helping you prepare better for the task or appointment. With Pi Reminder by your side, you ensure you're never missing an opportunity or forgetting a crucial task. In sales, as in life, the devil is in the details!


Well, there you have it, folks! Our top 5 Chrome extensions ensure you never skip a beat in your sales career. From staying focused with StayFocusd to managing your to-do list with Todoist to setting reminders with Remindoro, these Chrome extensions remind us that reminders can be more than just alarm bells. They can be tools that motivate us, inspire us, and gently guide us toward a more productive and balanced lifestyle.

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Remember, the digital tools you use can make a significant difference in your work life, especially in sales, where time management and organization are paramount. But it's not just about having the tools; it's about choosing the ones that align best with your work style and needs.

Here's a parting thought to chew on: "Lack of direction, not Lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days."

Try these extensions and see how they can turbocharge your sales productivity. Remember, every second counts in the world of sales! Keep ticking, keep winning. Until next time, happy selling!