With over 248 million subscribers, MrBeast has the highest number of subscribers in the world (second only to T-series, but that's a company)! It is highly unlikely that you might have not come across MrBeast's name. Unless you don't use the video-watching platform, in which case, Google about him. You'll understand what he does and why he's garnered such a huge fan following all over the world.

Today, we are going to look at two Chrome extensions: one promoted by MrBeast himself and the other a fun one that puts MrBeast's face on the thumbnail of a video.

Honey: Automatic Coupons & Rewards


Looking to save money and earn rewards while shopping online?
Well, look no further than Honey, America's #1 Shopping Tool. With over 17 million members, Honey helps shoppers find incredible deals and earn rewards effortlessly. Join Honey today and start maximizing your savings!

Features and Working:

1. Effortless Savings:

  • Add Honey to your browser in seconds and shop as you usually would.
  • Honey automatically finds and applies digital coupons and promo codes to your cart, helping you score the lowest prices.

2. CashBack Rewards:

  • Earn cashback at your favorite stores, including Finish Line, Lowe's, Macy's, Sephora, Udemy, and more.
  • Look for opportunities to earn back double cash and other exclusive offers.

3. Price Tracking:

  • Add items to your Droplist, and Honey will monitor their price.
  • Receive email alerts when Honey detects a price drop, ensuring you never miss out on a great deal.

4. Seller Comparison on Amazon:

  • Easily compare sellers on Amazon, considering shipping costs and your Prime status.
  • Use Honey's tracking and price history tools to make informed purchasing decisions.

5. Confidence in Shopping:

  • Honey is part of the PayPal family, providing secure online shopping with automatic coupon searches and cash-back rewards.

6. Access Anywhere:

  • Enjoy Honey on your iPhone and iPad for convenient access to deals and savings opportunities.

Give it a try!

MrBeast Extension: MrBeastify


Okay, this is completely unnecessary and purely for some fun. It won't change the experience of watching a video. It adds Mr Beast to the YouTube thumbnail of a video to MrBeast. If you follow MrBeast, you'll know that his videos always have a photo cut-out of him giving some sort of expression. With the help of this extension, you can change every thumbnail to those expressions.

Key Features:

  • MrBeast in Every Thumbnail: Elevate your browsing experience by adding MrBeast to all your thumbnails.
  • Engaging Click-Bait Videos: Discover captivating content effortlessly with MrBeast front and center.
  • Compatible with All Browsers: MrBeastifier supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and any other browser.


  • This draws inspiration from the innovative creations of Unnecessary Inventions, bringing creativity to your browsing.
  • Please note that MrBeastifier is an unofficial extension that is not endorsed by or affiliated with MrBeast.
  • This modified version maintains the original content's essence while presenting it more engaging and structured.

Summing It All Up

The thumbnail extension is not supposed to be taken seriously; it is purely for fun or for clickbait at the most. You should refrain from using it as it involves someone else's face without their permission. The second one is more useful. It has over 21 million active users, so they are definitely doing something right. MrBeast himself has promoted it quite a lot of times on his videos.